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48 NBA players test positive for Covid19

In preparation for the start of the 2020-2021 season, the NBA began league-wide coronavirus testing over the last week. 

With 546 players tested and 48 positive, it is a dramatic outcome compared to the zero positive results reported during last season’s quarantine bubble in Florida. 

 The league and National Basketball Players Association said 546 players were tested between Nov. 24-30 in the initial phase of testing after returning to team markets. That means about nine per cent of the tests were positive. 

 NBA kept the names of the players who tested positive dern. 

 Under the league’s thorough Covid-19 procedures, a players who tests positive has to refrain from workouts for at least 10 days and more if he is showing symptoms. 

 Anyone with a confirmed positive test will need to successfully complete a cardiac exam before being able to return to play. 

It's a possibility that some of the 48 positive players would not be cleared before the NBA's preseason schedule starts Dec. 11. 

The regular season begins on Dec. 22. The season is expected to run through July.

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