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Couple Married For 47 Years Dies From COVID-19 On The Same Day

A husband and wife, together for almost half a century, have died at the same time from coronavirus. 

Just two days before Thanksgiving Leslie and Patricia McWaters succumbed to Covid-19 after being hospitalized in Michigan.

Hospital staff said their deaths were recorded at exactly the same time, an apt departure for a couple who did almost everything together, according to a joint obituary. 

'It's beautiful, but it's so tragic. Kind of like Romeo and Juliet,' one of their daughters, Joanna Sisk told WDIV news channel.

Patricia, 78, was known to all as Pat and had been a registered nurse. She spent 35 years working in the operating room at the Foote Allegiance Hospital in her hometown of Jackson, Michigan, and was 'definitely the boss' of the family.

Her husband Leslie, 75, went by LD and had been a truck driver and a United States Navy Reserve veteran. He was known for his wise cracks and one liners.

The couple died at around 4:23pm local time last Tuesday at Henry Ford Allegiance Health in Jackson, but family suspect Pat led the way as always.

'Those of us that know them, know that mom went first and said, 'LD, it's time to go!' the family wrote in the obituary. 

The couple's marriage, which began on April 16, 1973, worked despite 'no-nonsense' Pat and 'fun-loving' Leslie being 'polar opposites'.

They loved to go dancing at the bar where they first met and to watch their great-grandchildren play sport. They also liked taking their '59 Corvette to car shows and meeting up with their many friends.

The McWaters' deaths came as Michigan recorded 10,768 new cases on Thursday, adding to the total of at least 388,000. 

Some 9,565 people in the state have been killed by the virus since the pandemic began earlier this year.  

Sisk said her parents had probably contracted the virus from dining out at restaurants, a choice they later regretted, she was reported by the Detroit Free Press as saying.

'People should be worried, and they should be concerned and take it seriously,' Sisk said of the coronavirus. 

'It's not difficult, when you have to run to Meijer to put a mask on and do the things that need to be done. I don't want one other family to have to go through what our family has had to go through.'

'It's tough enough to lose one parent but this was the worst,' Sisk told WDIV. 'Our entire family is completely devastated.'

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