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Kidnappers recapturing citizens captured via NIN, BVN, says Shehu Sani

Shehu Sani, a former senator, has faulted the federal government for “failing to effectively manage” a central database linking information of all Nigerians.

Sani said while the government is asking citizens to update their SIM card registration with their national identification number (NIN), those whose data have been captured in the official database are kidnap targets.

On Tuesday, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) asked telecommunications companies to block SIM cards not registered with NIN.

The NCC said the submission of NIN by subscribers will be on until December 30, 2020, after which “all SIMs without NIN are to be blocked from the networks”.

But many Nigerian criticised the move, arguing that the notice is too short and that similar steps have been taken in the past.

Among the instances they cited include the national driver licence which requires data capturing before being issued likewise the international passport and bank verification number (BVN).

Writing via his Twitter handle, Sani said kidnappers are recapturing those previously captured through various means, alluding to the growing insecurity in the country.

Although the NCC did not disclose the reason for the SIM update, some people have described it as a necessary step towards curbing crime.

Sani said the individuals whose data have already been captured through various means are still not safe.

“They capture with BVN, Capture with SIM, Capture with Card reader, Capture National ID, Capture with Drivers Licence, Capture with E-Passport, Capture with Npower, Capture with NIN, Capture with NHIS and the kidnappers are still capturing those that were captured.”

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