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Nigerians Drag Pastor Kumuyi As They Demand Justice For 11-Yr-Old Boy Sexually Molested, Starved In Deeper Life High School

Nigerians are demanding justice for 11-year-old boy who was allegedly sexually abused at Deeper Life school.

Don Davis was molested by senior boys in his private school and he revealed that they put their hands, legs, and every one manner of stuff in his anus.

Days ago, Don Davis's mother cried out on social media as she shared before and after photos of the boy as she accused the varsity of neglecting her son while he was very sick in class.

According to reports, Don Davis was hospitalized and couldn’t walk properly thanks to the sexual assault he suffered.

Last week his mom was invited to meet with the Commissioner of Education in Akwa Ibom where she revealed in attendance were members of the school board, the guilty students and their parents as well as their parent's friends.

In a live video she revealed that the Commissioner began to attack her for posting the video online, accusing her of bringing shame to the government, in a bid to forcefully put down the videos from circulation, her phones were seized but later on released.

This action by the government has spurred Nigerians to demand justice for Don Davis with the hashtag #JusticeForDonDavis trending at number one on Twitter.

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