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President Buhari Is The Biggest Hooligan In Nigeria - Aisha Yesufu

Nigerian activist, Aisha Yesufu has accused the Nigerian media of aiding the Nigerian Government in bringing tyranny upon the citizens.

Yesufu said that the media insist on reporting that the “#EndSARS protest was high jacked by hoodlums” when it was clear that it was government officials who brought in thugs to attack protesters, thereby unleashing violence on cities across the country.

She spoke as a guest on Arise TV’s The Morning Show on Tuesday, December 8.

When asked about the statement where President Buhari said Nigerians have right to protest but hoodlums who take advantage of the protest will be dealt with, Yesusu said that President Buhari has often taken delight in denigrating Nigerians in and outside of the Country.

She went on to blast the president for daring to call citizens hoodlums. She also stated that the presidential villa is where the highest hooliganism is committed and the president is the biggest hooligan in the country.

At the point, her call got disconnect from the Arise TV show. Although, the Channel blamed network for the disconnection, but many Nigerians didn’t believe it as they insisted that the channel deliberately disconnected her from the show for dragging the president.

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