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Shock As Gynaecologist Who Records Himself With Women Using Camera Installed In His Glasses Is Caught

A 'predatory' NHS gynaecologist has been struck off after secretly filming nearly 100 videos of himself having sex with woman while wearing spy-camera glasses.

Senior clinician Dr Jomo Mathurine recorded unsuspecting women - including his 19-year-old student nurse girlfriend - by installing covert cameras in a number of devices including a key fob.

Mathurine, who also worked in private medicine, was based at East Surrey Hospital in Redhill and Wexham Park Hospital in Slough, Berks, but has now been struck off.

The obstetrics and gynaecology consultant, 50, was branded a 'predator' at a disciplinary tribunal after it was heard he made 15 images and 96 videos.  

The voyeur doctor went through 'significant planning' to set up cameras in his glasses and a key fob so he could secretly film the young nurse named as 'Ms A' at her student accommodation during their two-year sexual relationship.

Without her knowledge, he recorded 26 'extremely graphic' clips of the student midwife's genitals and the tribunal heard he also filmed other women during sex acts.

When the student discovered the recordings, he 'abused' his position of power by threatening to 'take down' the junior nurse who is 26 years younger than him. 

At a Medical Practitioners' Tribunal, Tim Grey, on behalf of the General Medical Council, said Mathurine posed a 'danger and risk of repeating his behaviour'.

Tribunal chair Simon Bond said: 'Mr Grey submitted that Dr Mathurine had engaged in predatory manipulative actions.

'The tribunal was particularly concerned that until such time as the underlying behavioural and psychological issues highlighted... have been addressed, there would always remain a not insignificant risk of repetition.

'Mr Grey submitted that Dr Mathurine's behaviour had caused serious harm to Ms A and to her career, the psychological impact on her was grave, resulting in her return to Northern Ireland to recuperate.

'Mr Grey stated that although Ms A was not a patient of Dr Mathurine's, she was vulnerable due to the abuse of Dr Mathurine's position of trust; the power imbalance; the age difference of 26 years; and Dr Mathurine's threats to her career.

'Mr Grey submitted that although Dr Mathurine had not pursued a relationship with a patient, he had abused his professional position in pursuit of an improper relationship with Ms A and, although at the outset it was consensual, power had played a major part in their relationship.'

It was heard Mathurine made 'implausible' suggestions that his motivation was not sexual.

Mathurine, a father-of-two from Milton Keynes, Bucks, was previously jailed for 14 months at Reading Crown Court, Berks, and placed on the Sex Offenders' Register. 

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