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Tinubu Comes Hard On Military Over Abduction Of 334 Students In Katsina

Bola Tinubu, a national leader of the All Progressive Congress (APC), has asked the military to change the strategy used in the fight against insurgency.

Speaking when he paid a sympathy visit to Babagana Zulum, governor of Borno state, over the killing of 45 farmers, the former Lagos governor said the war against Boko Haram has gone beyond “conventional warfare”.

“We have been on this (Boko Haram insurgency) for sometime. We have seen the reaction of the federal government, we have seen the reaction of the armed forces, this is no longer a conventional warfare, this is more tactical, more reason, more crude,” Tinubu said.

“In such situation what we do is to replan our strategy. We have seen the governor’s life attacked more than one occasion in effort to eliminate him but Allah is mighty, he has protected and will continue to protect you.”

Tinubu said insurgency is affecting educational development, as innovation cannot be achieved in a state of insecurity.

He added that the visit was a form of solidarity and commitment.

“You can’t concentrate, become innovative and excel if you have to make educational development in fear. We saw people who have endured so much agony, denial, brutality decided to run to their farms to develop means of livelihood not only for themselves but for all of us, at the end they were slaughtered,” he said.

“That’s not religion, it is not in our religion (Islam), it is not in Christianity either, it is an act of wickedness. I want His Excellency and members of the state executive to see this visit not as a condolence only, not a sympathy only, but as a solidarity and commitment that we must defeat all evil doers.”

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