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How To Get Your National ID Card Through The NIMC Mobile App

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) said Nigerians can now begin to use their phones to derive their National ID cards without being in a long queue.

NIMC launched a mobile app where people can get their original National Identification with their picture. Afterwards, they can print it on paper or plastic.

What NIMC Mobile app will allow you to do:

- It will allow you prove your identity with your phone anywhere you need it.

- It can be used to verify and check for citizens and legal residents who have gotten their NIN.

- It can be used across government services like FIRS, FRSC, NHIA, NPF, NYSC and many others.

Steps on how to get your National ID card from your phone:

1. Download the NIMC mobile app

The first thing to do is to download the NIMC mobile app from Google Playstore.

2. Put your NIN number and phone number

After you have installed the app, the next is to log in and type your National Identity Number (NIN) on your national identity slip or you dial *326# on your phone to get the number.

3. Enter your User ID

After dialing the code, you will receive your User ID and OTP. Type the User ID and OTP in the space indicated for them.

After going through all these processes, you will see all the menu on the NIMC Mobile ID app. Then, you click on 'Show my ID' and your national ID card will be displayed for you to download and print.

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