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El-Rufai Sends Strong Message To Southwest Governors Over Eviction Of Herdsmen

 Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State has called on his colleagues, other Governors in the country, to make statements condemning and disavowing attacks and massacres of other Nigerians living in their states.

The governor also condemned in strong terms the eviction being issued to Fulani herdsmen in some parts of the country.

El-Rufai spoke on Wednesday at a State-wide broadcast saying that indigenes of Kaduna State and other states residing in other parts of the country had reached out to him to lament the hostilities of their host communities in recent times.

El-Rufai further called on members of the National Assembly to fast-track action on the constitutional amendments that would usher in state and community policing.

The Governor began by calling on all Nigerians living in Kaduna State to respect law and order and the rights of other citizens to live in peace and security wherever they reside or work.

“I appeal to my colleagues governing other States in our country to make similar statements, and disavow these attacks and massacres,” he said.

“We must avoid anarchy and vigorously promote the rule of law and the right of all citizens to life, liberty and livelihoods wherever they choose to reside.

“Elected and appointed public leaders across the country must act on their constitutional obligations to protect all citizens, uphold order, and contribute to a climate for peaceful resolution of all issues.

“We have resisted the attempt to tag all members of any ethnic group for the criminal actions of some of their members. At all times, our government has upheld the right of every citizen to live and pursue legitimate livelihoods wherever they choose.

El-Rufai said for this reason his government ordered the arrest of individuals who issued an unlawful eviction notice to citizens of a certain ethnicity.

“The impunity and calculated disregard for a common humanity that prompted such irresponsible rhetoric is sadly at play again,” he cried out.

“We cannot allow, by inaction or otherwise, the reign of anarchy where fear creates a tragic momentum of violence, blurring the lines between victims and perpetrators and complicating a difficult moment.”

“Governments and security agencies must rein in all non-state actors, tackle hateful rhetoric and protect all communities. Those that engage in criminal acts must be arrested and prosecuted without regard to their ethnic or religious persuasion.

“We cannot quench one fire by setting more places ablaze. Let us reject the path of disorder, marginalise, expose and prosecute all criminals and promote peace.”

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