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Japan Expected To Extend COVID-19 State Of Emergency

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, on Tuesday, said he will extend the state of emergency for Tokyo and other regions hard hit by COVID-19 by one month.
The state of emergency is now to end by March 7. 

 Yoshishide said “The number of new cases is falling. I think that measures targeted at eating and drinking have been effective,’’ the Japanese leader said in the parliament.

 Daily COVID-19 infections have been on a downtrend of late, but healthcare officials warned that people should not let their guards down amid concerns about the increasing strain on hospitals and medical facilities.

 The extended emergency period will be applicable to 10 prefectures including Osaka, Aichi and Fukuoka.

 Tochigi Prefecture will not be subjected to the extension and will have the state of emergency lifted on Feb. 7, as cases there have subsided markedly.


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