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Lawyer Caught Having Sex With Client During Zoom Court Hearing

A lawyer was caught having sex during a Zoom court hearing last week after leaving his computer camera on. 

The judge presiding over the virtual hearing branded lawyer Hector Paredes Robles a disgrace for his X-rated public performance in central Peru on Tuesday. 

Astonished court officials watched on as Paredes Robles stripped off and sat on a chair before a naked brunette believed to be a client climbed on his lap. 

Judge John Chahua Torres sent a police officer to intervene as a female aide tried to alert Paredes Robles his sex session was being watched and recorded on a live feed. 

The surreal sequence of events occurred on Tuesday during a virtual remand hearing organised by a court in Pichanaki in the central Peruvian region of Junin. 

The lawyer's client was held after an operation against an organised crime gang. 

As the sex scene showed no sign of stopping, judge Torres said: 'We are witnessing obscene acts which represent a violation of public decency and are aggravated by the fact they are being recorded nationally.' 

A female court worker confirmed the camera belonged to Paredes Robles. The judge then instructed the State Prosecution Service to launch an immediate investigation.  

Last night the lawyer was barred from any more involvement in the ongoing land trafficking, fraud and extortion case. 

He was also told he would face two separate probes, one by state prosecutors and another by his local bar association.

Some local reports have described the brunette he had sex with as his client, though she is yet to be identified. 

Local reports say the brunette in the video was one of Paredes Roble's clients, but she is yet to be identified 

After the court hearing was suspended for the lewd behaviour, the judge said: 'Hector Paredes Robles has been fully identified as the lawyer who has disrespected the dignity of this court as well as the other lawyers present and the legal profession as a whole.'

A regional High Court statement released yesterday added: 'We condemn the actions of the lawyer Hector Paredes Robles who during a virtual remand hearing committed obscene acts which violated public decency. 

'The judge in charge of the hearing excluded the lawyer from the defence representatives and ordered a duty lawyer to replace him. 

'He also ruled that Peru's Public Ministry and the local bar association should be informed so they can take appropriate action.'

Last September an Argentinian MP resigned his seat after being suspended for kissing a woman's breasts during an online parliamentary session. 

During the video, a blonde woman was seen sitting on the lap of Married father-of-three Juan Emilio Ameri as he leans down to kiss her breasts and she fondles him.  

The ruling Frente de Todos coalition in the north-west province of Salta expelled the 47-year-old pending an investigation and demanded his resignation as an MP. 

Moments after the sex scene was played out on a large screen during a debate about provincial debt, fellow MPs unanimously voted in favour of Ameri's suspension after Chamber of Deputies president Sergio Massa halted the session. 

A parliamentary commission was planning on determining the final sanction, with his expulsion as an MP being openly discussed, before Ameri decided to save them the job by offering to step down. 

The woman he was filmed with was later identified as his girlfriend Celeste Burgos.

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