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Nigerians Call For The Arrest of Presidential Appointee For Allegedly Paying 20-Yr-Old Boy To Lie In Court That Viral Sex Video Was Photoshopped

Following the story about an appointee of President Muhammadu Buhari involved in a sex scandal, Nigerians have been asking the President to sack him. 

A cross-section of Nigerians have been calling on the President to sack Willie Amadi for threatening and paying a 20-year-old school leaver, Peter Nwoke, millions of naira to lie he doctored a video showing Amadi in a compromising position with two women. 

Amadi, a lawyer and Federal Commissioner, Imo State Office of the Public Complaints Commission, was seen in a 12-second footage that captured him and the women in a position suggesting they had had a threesome.

Few days after the video went viral, an Imo State Magistrates’ Court convicted Nwoke, for superimposing a picture of Amadi onto a video of the two women to put the President’s appointee in an awkward position so he could blackmail him.

“I asked him (Amadi) to come to Umuogbor Isuobishi, Isunjaba in Isu Local Government Area to collect the phone and he came, collected it and gave me N40,000,” Nwoke was quoted to have said in his confessional statement.

“Before then, I had transferred some information from his phone to mine, which included pictures he took in a swimming pool. When he left, greed and the devil came into me (tool control of me). I thought I should make more money from him. Seeing his car and realising that he is a big man, I decided to superimpose one of his pictures on a sex background to force him to negotiate a settlement with me.

“When I called him several times, and he did not pick up my calls, I became angry and decided to send the pictures out through the internet. Three days after, I was at a joint with some people when the police arrested me. I confessed to the act at the police station because I did not know that what I did would bring such a big problem to me.

“I begged him to forgive me and promised not to do such a thing again.”

However, sources told SaharaReporters that Nwoke made the confessional statement that he had superimposed Amadi's picture onto a video after being threatened and promised millions of naira.

“The narrative that one Nwoke Peter edited a sex video to blackmail Amadi is false. It was well planned by Amadi and some top police officers. I was reliably informed that they promised the young boy millions of naira to cooperate with them; this was after they threatened the young man several times.

“I can’t say the exact amount that was paid now but I was told he has been paid part of it. He (Amadi) claimed it was a video from a pool side that the boy edited; tell him to show us this original video, I mean the video he claimed he took beside the pool which the guy superimposed on another.

“Like I said earlier, it was all planned to save Amadi from losing his current job as an appointee of President Buhari and his future political ambition. Imagine, this guy was arrested, investigated and sentenced to prison within nine days, not even a month, my brother, nine days. What kind of investigation was done without a forensic analysis? I pity the young boy though, he did everything under duress,” a senior police officer told SaharaReporters.

Speaking to SaharaReporters, a Lagos-based forensic expert, Gbenro Akinyomi, said an analysis of the video using an InVID software showed it was not superimposed.

“Check the video very well, there is a mirror behind the scene reflecting the true activities. The man (Amadi) recorded the video; he was involved in the act. Since he claimed it was superimposed, what about his image on the mirror in the background? Was that edited as well? The video is real,” he told SaharaReporters.

A veteran Nollywood actress, Mrs. Hilda Dokubo, also demanded further investigation into the case, saying the accused might have been forced to own up to a crime.

Reacting, Nigerians on social media berated Amadi, asking the President to sack him.

A Facebook user, Anthony Nwosisi, said, “If there was law in Nigeria, Amadi would lose his job and go to prison for forgery, obstruction of justice, abuse of public office, pornography, illicit acts, recording nudity without consent and distributing same for public consumption and perjury.

“The young man will also go to jail for deceit, obstruction of justice and perjury. But Nigeria is Nigeria. A place that has no law or hope.”

A Twitter user, @OnyeNepa, said, “As a married man and a public officer holder, you're a role model to lots of people. You betray their high expectations when you're caught involving in such immorality. If that man has an iota of shame, he ought to resign."

Another user, @ExclusivekingKC, tweeted, “A video evidence of misconduct is leaked, that should be the end of any political carrier for anyone seeking power or listed for appointments by all standards. I don’t understand the kind of democracy we are practising in Nigeria.”

@helenogun wrote, “Nigerians encouraging bad practice are enemies of the nation. I feel ashamed being Nigerian when I see some stupid comments. A public office appointee or holder caught with sexual misconduct will resign voluntarily to show remose. This is why Nigeria is not getting any better.”

@gomoye1 said, “This man belongs in jail, not because of his act, his act is his and family shame but the lies to cover up and jail an innocent person is unacceptable.”

For @Obi21296477, the presidential aide should be sentenced to prison for carrying out such illicit acts.

“He deserves to rot in jail for carrying out such wickedness and feeling he is above the law; he is a disgrace to his name, his family, his people, his state, and to the entire nation,” he tweeted.

Another Twitter user, @PeteEngine, said, “Who doesn't know Willie Amadi in Imo State. He is a demon, he frustrated many, consumed uncountable lives during Rochas's regime and has coveted people's properties in Owerri. Time has caught up with him. This is his time to suffer.”

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